There’s something about a country boy that makes us hot for denim jeans and leather hats. They’re mysterious, intriguing, confident…and demand our attention in everything they do. Then there’s the fierce loyalty you see in their eyes that makes you think of tangled sheets and sinful deeds. There’s definitely something sexy about a cowboy... So pull on those jeans, roll up your sleeves, and grab your boots. Things are about to get dirty… …in Craving Country. Authored by: A. Gorman A.L. Vincent Amelia James Camille Taylor Carolyn LaRoche Cristina Slough Genevieve Lynne J.D. Wright Elsa Kurt Ryan Jo Summers Sara Dobie Bauer Shannon Nemechek

Special Forces...
Navy Seals...
US Marines...
We got it all…
Full-length novels by International and USA Today best-selling authors. Hot, steamy, sexy, military romances with an edge! Romance, suspense, drama…you will love our My Soldier 2 collection as much as you loved the original My Soldier collection!
Authored by:
C.A Harms
Alison Mello
Penelope Marshall
A.L. Vincent
Amanda Mackey
Shannon Nemecheck
Marianne Rice
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