Have you ever hoped your Christmas stocking had something other than a holiday card and a candy cane? Maybe something a little sweeter, sexier, like silk and champagne. Imagine mistletoe kisses while love and laughter deck the halls. As you stare at presents stacked under the tree, you know the best gifts are given under satin sheets while the snow falls. This is a collection of stories that will show you the naughtier side of Christmas. Whether it’s Scrooge who finally meets his angel, or the man who finds a beautiful reason to keep on living—in the end, romance is the only gift that keeps on giving. Get ready for Santa to check his list twice… You’re about to find out who’s been naughty and nice. Authored By: A. Gorman A.J. Norris Amelia James Amy Reece Cat Camille Christine Hartmann Erin Lee Genevieve Lynne J.D. Wright Kenadee Bryant Kristin Jacques Lavinia Leigh Melinda Valentine Selene Chardou Shannon Nemechek

  Protection duty like you’ve never experienced before… Their instinct is to protect. It’s in their nature, their blood, the need to keep others safe. There’s no margin for error, or mistakes, and failure is not an option. This is a collection of stories about men and women trained to defend, and built to kill. Whether it’s the mysteriously tempting bodyguard fueled by his own deadly secrets, or the ex-special ops officer programmed to detect danger, they will keep you on the edge without ever letting you fall. Are you constantly fearing the shadow lurking around the corner? Are you...Craving Security? Get ready for the ultimate protection detail. By Multiple Authors: A. Gorman Amy Reece Apryl Baker Camille Taylor Erin Lee Evan Grace Lisa Cardiff Marissa Farrar Sara Schoen Shane Scollins Shelly Morgan Skyla Madi Taylor Henderson