Loyalty. Noun.  ‘A strong feeling of support or allegiance.’ For some, loyalty can be bought. For others, it’s earned. But the thing about loyalty—it can change in an instant. All it takes is one act, one decision, and loyalty shifts to betrayal in the blink of an eye…a sin which cannot go unpunished. Not in this world. But sometimes things happen beyond our control, forcing our allegiances to change. Like the mob enforcer who wants nothing more than to seduce the assassin hired to kill him. Or the FBI agent who falls for the woman whose past holds ties with the mafia. Yet, no matter the reason or motive, the consequences of betrayal are always deadly. Because in this world everyone is… Craving Loyalty By Multiple Authors: A. Gorman A.J. Norris Allysia Myers Anke Van Zweel C.J. Laurence Callie Carmen Elsa Kurt Ginger Ring J.S. Andersen Luna Blue Maria Tiraboschi Shana Vanterpool

  There’s something about a country boy that makes us hot for denim jeans and leather hats. They’re mysterious, intriguing, confident…and demand our attention in everything they do. Then there’s the fierce loyalty you see in their eyes that makes you think of tangled sheets and sinful deeds. There’s definitely something sexy about a cowboy... So pull on those jeans, roll up your sleeves, and grab your boots. Things are about to get dirty… …in Craving Country. Authored by: A. Gorman A.L. Vincent Amelia James Camille Taylor Carolyn LaRoche Cristina Slough Genevieve Lynne J.D. Wright Elsa Kurt Ryan Jo Summers Sara Dobie Bauer Shannon Nemechek

It’s about loyalty. It’s about blood. And it’s about power. When it comes to the mafia, there is no line that won’t get crossed. These men are ruthless, callous, bred to ruin and rule a world where violence is the only answer. But it’s the women who warm their beds who have the power to thaw their hearts. Have a taste for the wicked, and a craving for the taboo? Dive into this box set of four Mafia romance novels full mind-blowing suspense and explosive action. The Genoa Mafia series is about to give you more than you bargained for…