Ashleigh Royce

Ashleigh Royce grew up an only child in Queens, New York. Being alone a lot of the time afforded her many opportunities to create made-up worlds and stories for her to explore. Those fictitious adventures encouraged her to write down her stories and share them with her friends, who loved hearing about the latest details.

Soon, it was time to share her imaginary tales with people outside of her friend circle. And one place in particular she sent one of her creations to, was Limitless Publications, where they fully enjoyed the read. So now that this story – “Neighbors,” an erotic romance – is available, Ashleigh is working hard on the next story, that is, between being a wife to a great guy; a mom to two fabulous kids; an editor for a local magazine; a writer’s workshop moderator; a PTA president, and a full-time paralegal.

Ashleigh welcomes you to send her a message through one of her social websites.

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