CJ Laurence

C J Laurence lives in a small village in Lincolnshire, England. Born in the grand year of 1986, she has lived around this area all her life. Mother to a soon-to-be nine year old boy, C J works full time Monday to Friday in a busy accounts office. Her mind is a constant whirring stream of ideas, characters and scenarios and by the time she gets home at night, emptying her head is the number one priority.

Her pen name is a tribute to her late father, Laurence, whose ideas of the universe sparked the beginnings of her first paranormal book. This particular story is being walked through many rewrites in order to give her father the best story she can muster from his thoughts. Fairly new to writing compared to some, C J began her first novel in early 2014. This story was of a serious tone, centred around domestic violence. She is hoping to publish this into the main stream at some point.

Outside of the literary world, C J has a passion for horses, a love that has burned away since the age of six. Having had to have her beloved mare put to sleep in 2014, C J has only just recently rekindled her relationship with horses and is now learning the wonders of Western riding. As well as natural horsepower, C J also has a passion for mechanical horsepower and harbours a rare female love for cars. Having her own weekend toy of a performance car, C J is often found drooling over pictures of high powered motors – ranging from old classics to brand new supercars. Perhaps her most bizarre love, the one which drives her long suffering partner crazy, is that of conspiracy theories. C J is always looking for hidden meanings and manages to find conspiracies in anything you can think of. She can only hope you like this side of her twists and turns in her books!

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