Kari Fisher

Kari Fisher is an author, poet, dog groomer, and Human Resources Generalist who has made Northern Ontario her home. She is a fan of many different types of literature and music, and spends her days shaving dogs or writing while sipping coffee, which she is hopelessly addicted to. She holds a blue belt in Taekwondo and has run a marathon. Kari loves food, and so does her cat, NyQuil. On Facebook, you’ll often read her frustrating rants about how NyQuil has gotten into something again—last night he opened a kitchen cupboard and ate through a box of stovetop stuffing while Kari slept.

Kari is clumsy, disorganized, and never wears matching socks. Where does she get her motivation? Over-caffeination often helps, as little gets accomplished without a cup of java. Clearly, she loves Oxford Commas.

Kari was raised in Northern Quebec, and studied Psychology at Champlain Regional College in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Kari often encourages her readers to enjoy her characters as she creates them in her head—with a splash of red wine.

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