Laura Morgan

Laura Morgan lives wherever the military sends her, well technically her husband, but, as any soldier’s wife will tell you, the forces life involves all of the family working together as one unit. Currently living in Germany, Laura and her family are looking forward to moving back to the UK in 2015 after having been away for a long time. She will, however, miss having stunning gothic cathedrals on her doorstep that have inspired many of her scenes.

A self-confessed computer geek, Laura spends her days looking after her two young children and their cocker spaniel Milo, as well as making the most of her free time by indulging in another of her passions, music. Laura loves going to concerts with her friends, or else listening to rock music at home while writing.

Laura started her writing career putting together short stories and fan fiction, usually involving her favourite movie characters caught up in steamy situations, and wrote her first full length novel, Embracing the Darkness, in 2013.

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