Lynn S.

Hello. I am Lynn S., fantasy author who loves to infuse her novels with a dash of traditional folklore, a bit of horror and non-conventional romance. My characters are magical creatures rooted in everyday life. Some reluctant heroes, others villains with twisted aspirations, they’ll find a way to haunt you. All you have to do is turn the page, and let them in.

I believe urban fantasy to be the perfect medium to bring the old in contact with the new, as myths find a way to reinvent themselves at every turn.

Originally from Puerto Rico, there’s a part of me that is forever linked to sun and sea. As of late, I’ve made my home in Florida. Prior to that, I lived in New York and worked at the Queens Borough Public Library where my love for books and respect for the craft of writing, flourished.

Whenever I’m not thinking about how to get fairies and vampires in all sort of trouble, you’ll find me wherever fangirls lay their head to rest. I tend to hyperventilate when someone mentions one of my many fandoms and have been known to overly use hashtags and the expression “Yay!”

I have been fortunate, given the opportunity to pursuit something I love with all my heart. I’d like you to join me for the ride.

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