Melissa Teel-Hartman

While living and working in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota, Melissa’s journey into writing has become more of a stepping stone on the path of self-discovery; a continual unearthing of all the multitudes of layers that comprise this creative, quirky, loving, passionate, and outspoken person that she is.

“I have found a calming release in returning to writing; a rediscovering of emotions and feelings through each flowing sentence, each breathless pause, each heart stopping ah-ha moment while crafting stories and sharing life experiences laden with intensity, passion, and soul-inspired healing. I have found that sharing my writing has allowed me to reconnect, refocus, and begin to return to the love and authenticity of our existence that we all ultimately share and put down into words real experiences that are minute examples of the larger Universal truths that we all yearn to understand at some level and weave into the fabric of our own personal journeys throughout our daily lives.”

Juggling being a single mom to her son and daughter as well as a Spiritual Coach/Teacher and Angel Card Reader for Black Hills Holistic Health and Healing Center, Melissa is also an avid reader, singer, motivational speaker, amateur photographer, water-lover, and outdoor enthusiast. You can contact Melissa directly via email at

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