Rick Santini

Rick grew up in a nontraditional family. His father was Italian and his mother Jewish. His parents loved each other and their only son Rick. At times he was a confused bar mitzvah boy from Brooklyn, New York. Rick attended college as a psychology major and earned his law degree from Brooklyn Law School. His first professional job was an AUSA, Assistant United States Attorney in New York. After learning how the system worked and making most helpful, lifelong friends, he quickly understood rules were made to be broken or at the least severely bent.

Through a series of coincidences and more than a fair share of luck, Rick eventually became consigliore to a prominent Sicilian family. That was when the real fun began. It was a constant battle between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ guys. Each side had their brief moments of glory. Rick took no credit for anything. He was always ‘’getting a cup of coffee’ when any decesions were made. Today his biggest thrills come from writing mystery novels, which he does four to five hours every day.

Rick’s love of cooking has led him to incorporate a commercial kitchen in his new suburban home. Some of his favorite dishes are right out of Tony Soprano’s cookbook. He makes latkas for Hanukah and a mean matzo ball soup.

Directed Verdict is the first of a three book series based in the New York / New Jersey / Miami area.  It is one hundred percent fiction or so Rick would like you to believe.

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