Sarah Zolton Arthur

In Sarah’s world, writing is as ingrained on her life as waking up in the morning or sucking down that mocha frappuccino and fighting off brain freeze. She loves it so much that a few years ago she decided to go back to school to learn as much about the craft as possible. The end result, a bachelors degree in English Creative Writing.  For the past several years Sarah has lived in Michigan with her two sons. One IS a teenager and one ACTS like one. But since she spent a good five years prior living in Kentucky, it’s not uncommon to hear this northern girl slip up with a “hey y’all” or “bless yer heart” every so often. And since she is a woman of limited interests, when not writing this chick can be found with a book in her hands completely lost to everyone else around her. In Sarah’s world, all books have kissing and end in some form of HEA.

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